Electronic Delivery of Proxy

By this section of the Company's website, all proxies with power to vote at the meetings of the shareholders of Astaldi S.p.A. may be delivered electronically, pursuant to art. 135-novies, paragraph 5, of the Italian Financial Services Act, by using the form of proxy made available below.

The original form, duly filled-in and signed by the shareholder entitled to vote, must be handed over to the designated proxyholder, who may electronically deliver it to Astaldi S.p.A. through this section of the Company's website.

In fact, it is hereby reminded that, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, a copy of the proxy may be handed over or delivered, in lieu of its original, also on an IT support, thus attesting, under one's own responsibility, the identity of the shareholder having issued the proxy and the latter's conformity with its original (art. 135-novies, paragraph 5, TUF (Italian Financial Services Act).

It is underlined that, should the broker fail to give Astaldi S.p.A. the notice attesting the entitlement to attend the Shareholders' Meeting and to vote thereat, the proxy will be considered as null and void.

Finally, it is reminded that, pursuant to the above-mentioned law, the proxyholder shall keep the original of the proxy and evidence of vote instructions received, if any, for a period of one year after the meeting is closed.

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