Project Control

Project Control

The evolution which has characterised the whole construction sector in recent years, both in Italy and abroad, is reflected in a corporate order backlog which is increasingly focused on general contracting, concession and project financing initiatives.

The organisation, management and control of initiatives that become increasingly complex from a technical, economic, financial and contractual viewpoint require the presence of a Project Controller who supports the Project Manager with the planning of works, drafting of the budget and organisation of reporting activities.

Cost control activities (Cost Controlling) as well as planning and control of works schedules (Planning) play a fundamental role in Project Management, keeping control over the variable that are critical for the project's success: compliance with the budget and timeframes.

Project Controlling in the cost control sector is closely linked to the more traditional activity of works (or industrial) accounting which, due to the similarity of tasks, is included in the same professional family.

Specialist training acquired through specialisation courses or masters, a technical-engineering background, excellent relational skills, an ability to work as part of a team, spirit of initiative, focus on result, flexibility and motivation are all necessary in order to work in the Project Control department.