The goal of the Procurement Department is to ensure the availability of products and services with the quality requisites requested by customers, in compliance with the timeframes listed in the Contract Performance Plans and in compliance with the total cost of the works.

The main characteristic of the policy and strategy pursued by Astaldi Group is to maintain, in a totally transparent manner, control of all the procurement process through:

Centralised, direct and dynamic management of the selection and eligibility of suppliers.

Direct responsibility, in the capacity of General Contractor, for procurement activities for key supplies in relation to the project's goals and performance of the works, and stipulation of framework supply agreements.

The formulation of common requisites that are reflected in suitable contractual terms and conditions, aimed at ensuring that third-party contractors as well as sub-contractors comply with the same criteria of transparency that can be checked by the General Contractor during the complete process.

Integration with suppliers during all the phases of the process so as to bring out competitive abilities and maximise the contribution of all the parties concerned, minimising timeframes and costs and constantly ensuring the complete traceability of each phase of the procurement cycle.

Organisational and planning skills are required in order to work in the Procurement Department in addition to excellent negotiation skills.